Artist Bio

Behnaz Ahmadian was born in Iran and raised in the United States. She is currently living and working in Colorado. She is an artist and an art instructor. She likes to work with many different mediums but the main medium she works with, is acrylic. Behnaz is very fascinated with pattern and color and incorporates them in her paintings.

Behnaz grew up in the family of creatives and had always loved art and being creative as a child.  Behnaz is a self-taught artist always making art as a child in her spare time. She obtained her bachelors degree in Biology wanting to go into medicine but her love for art and design made her pursue her career in interior design. While working as an interior designer, she was led to create unique paintings full time. Her sense of color and pattern creates pieces that are truly unique which she drew from her experience as a designer. Her designs are recognized for their vibrant colors, details and patterns.

Behnaz’s mother has been her true inspiration. Her mom has now passed but with each piece that she creates, she hopes to share the feeling of love and joy that her mom worked so hard to nurture in her as a woman, artist and designer. Now painting each piece is like a journey that takes Behnaz back to when she was introduced to art and fabrics with color and patterns through her mom who was a fashion designer. Her mother was the one who taught her how to draw and always encouraged her to be creative and incorporate meaning into her every piece.

As an artist, Behnaz also loves to draw and capture the unique characters of animals because they are so special and bring meaning to those who love their pets.